Due? Done!



"Messy Mind, Messy Life". How true is that saying?




Quite often we find that there are too many things needed to be done. They occupy our whole mind and give us no idea where to start. This may lead to an unhappy life.



To avoid unnecessary disappointment, the key is to organise. We can arrange them in order based on their importance, e.g. when is it due? Is it important? etc... and then start knocking them down one by one.


It's that simple, one at a time until they are all done.



Even though we have organised them well, there will be too many things to remember. We may have missed one or two.







The good news is that Due? Done! is now available for iPhone to help you organise tasks and remember them, helping keep your daily life in order. The iPhone app will only show due tasks for today, so that you can focus on these tasks daily without worrying about other tasks that are not due yet.


You can have a hazard free lifestyle and have a more enjoyable life!


How cool is that!













Due? Done!



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